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Friday, 18 January 2013

Your January Questions

Please address any questions that you have to Uncle Mort via this advice blog. You can do this by leaving a comment attached to this message. However, you must read the disclaimer before you post your question.

Uncle Mort will give your question some serious thought and will attach your question to his considered reply. 
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Uncle Mort.


  1. My dear subject Mort. Do you have any thoughts on the recipients in my new years honours list?

    Madge R

  2. Eric the Pickle01 January, 2013

    Mort, Just why are Yorkshire folk so different to anyone else in England. What is it that makes them so special. Why do Yorkshire folk think they know it all?


  3. Mort. What are your thoughts about global warming. Is global warming a fact or a piece of scare mongering fiction. What do we need to do to reduce the effects of the change in weather and how can we prepare for the future.


  4. Captain Tipple01 January, 2013

    Mort, I wonder if I could interest you in joining our temperance society.

    Captain Tipple

  5. Mail Reader02 January, 2013

    Mort, I am sure that you agree with me, that social security benefits are a disgrace. Do you also agree with me that the recipients of such benefits should be horse whipped. In my day a good dose of the birch would soon have them back on track.

  6. Rupert and Glenda02 January, 2013

    Mort, The country is in a very bad way, is there anything that we can we do about it?

  7. Mort. What do you think about British people and corporations holding large amounts of money abroad in off shore accounts. Such as those, in Swiss Bank accounts in a bid to avoid paying tax.


  8. Whippy Lash04 January, 2013

    Mort me old mucker. What's happening in the world, has it gone compensation crazy? Everyone it seems is slipping, tripping and falling about the place. Furthermore they are wrenching every bone and joint in their bodies. Vehicle insurance premiums have gone through the roof on the basis of whiplash claims. Where will it all end?

    Whippy Lash

  9. Mort. What do you think about the use of politically correct language. I sometimes find it very difficult to remember the correct language and phrases I'm supposed to use. I don't want to embarrass myself and I don't want to hurt the feelings of people by using the wrong words.


  10. Uncle Mort, What do you think about people who try and do good in the world. Acting in a public spirited way to help their fellow man.

    Boris Johnson

  11. Mort, Have you ever spent any leisure time on the canals and rivers that make up the inland waterways. If so I wonder what you found to be the best bit?


    Mick n Mags

  12. Uncle Mort, I have read in the papers that our illustrious Members of Parliament have suggested that they desperately need a 32% increases in their pay. What do you think about this?

    Mad Nad.